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New Halal Poultry Plant in North Carolina   .

Chaudry Halal Meats have opened their brand new poultry processing plant in Siler City . According to the Chatham Journal this is North Carolina ’s only USDA-inspected poultry processing plant for independent producers. The plant will process chicken, turkey, duck,geese, quail, and rabbit.

Chaudhry Halal Meats has been processing beef, goat, and lamb for over 10 years in Chatham County , so Abdul brings over a decade of processing experience to this new enterprise.
The Chatham County Center of North Carolina Cooperative Extension organized an Open House on April 2, 2008 to promote this new community resource.

Dr. Donna Carver, NCSU Extension Poultry Veterinarian, gave a presentation on Using Biosecurity Principles to Ensure a More Wholesome Product. Farmers and Growers' Choice members Judy Lessler and Noah Ranells presented the new Grower Guidelines for Poultry and Fowl Processing and Paul Griswold, Weaver Street Market's Fresh Food Merchandiser, discussed Weaver Street's need for sourcing locally grown poultry.

Weaver Street Market is recruiting local poultry growers to supply their three retail stores. They anticipate needing up to 2,000 birds per week and they would like to find growers within a 50 mile radius of Chaudhry Halal's plant in Siler City .

(Photo Courtesy Debbie Ross)


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